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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is a pre-authorised deposit?

There has to be a deposit paid with every vehicle rental.  In our company, the deposit is taken by pre-authorization – an operation which blocks certain amount of money on a credit card. This operation is performed by the authorised card centre of particular bank. If the vehicle is returned in good condition, the deposit is released. (The whole amount of the pre-authorization remains blocked on your credit card; if a car is returned in good condition, the amount is released; if not, the pre-authorisation serves as a deposit during the solving of an insurance event.)

When do I get the deposit back/when is it released?

The deposit, which is blocked on your credit card, is released in a moment when you return the vehicle in a good condition (clean, full fuel tank, without any damages). Then it depends on your bank when the release of funds is processed.

What should I do if RAI unblocked the deposit, but the money has not yet been released?

In this unique case, you have to contact your bank with a proof of releasing the deposit (which is gladly provided by us).

What is the condition of the vehicle at the beginning of rental?

You rent a car clean with full fuel tank. Our vehicles are in a perfect condition, maximum 3 years old.

Which documents do I receive with a vehicle?

At the beginning of rental, you receive the rental agreement, documents (registration ID, compulsory insurance certificate, highway fee certificate, contact…)

Which kind of insurance does the price of rent include?

Mandatory contractual insurance is included – KOOPERATÍVA insurance company – general contract. According to client´s demands, there could be collision insurance included - to the states of the European Union (the amount of responsibility is according to the class of the vehicle).

Is the price in the price list for one day? What is the duration of one day rental?

One day rental lasts 24 hours. Every price which is stated in the price list is a daily rate for concrete number of days of rental (for example, from morning 8.00 a.m. till next morning 8.00 a.m. is one day of rental)

Into what countries can i travel with car rented from rai?

You can travel to all countries of European Union with exception of Romania and Bulgaria. It is not allowed to travel to Ukraine, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and all other former Soviet Union countries. 

May I also return the vehicle in the late evening or during the weekend?

The vehicle may be returned in the late evening or during the weekend. The service could be charged from 15 – 30 €, which depends on the type of car rental. It is recommended to mention this possibility during the booking, after that, the complete offer will be prepared.

How can I pay for rental?

You can pay by cash or by card – debit or credit /VISA CARD, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO, not by AMERICAN EXPRESS or Diners Club./

How can I use my VIP card of RAI clients?

VIP discount card is for our stable/VIP clients. They get more special discounts than our ordinary clients.

When do I get a discount?

You get a discount, when you are renting the vehicle for more days or very often. FIND MORE INFO HERE The discounts cannot be combined. The information about the concrete discount or bonus is mentioned in the price offer, which you get by email.

Where can I pick up the vehicle?

The vehicle may be picked up from one of our offices in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Poprad or Košice. The vehicle may be also brought up to the specific address of your choice. This service could be charged according to the duration of rental and type of the vehicle.

Do I get the highway vignette with vehicle?

You get the highway vignette for the Slovak Republic. In case that the car is delivered to Vienna airport, as a bonus you get 10 days vignette for Austria.    

What should I do in the case of insurance event?

In every case, at first you should contact our service centre (we provide you with contact at the beginning of rental) and subsequently the Police of the Slovak Republic.

How soon in advance should I book the vehicle?

Our company works in reservation system. We recommend to book the vehicle in advance. In case of urgent rental, it is best to call directly to our telephone numbers and check the availability of the vehicles. 

Are all the vehicles on the webpage available to rent immediately?

In the section Price List on our web page, you can find all vehicles in our fleet. It does not mean that all vehicles are available. It is advised to verify the availability by phone or by email.

When is my booking confirmed?

Reservation form on our webpage is preliminary. Our reservation desk will contact you up to 24 hours with the concrete offer. The reservation is confirmed after paying 50 € deposit in form of pre-authorization/blocking on credit card. In particular cases, when the transaction of pre-authorization could not be paid by your credit card, it is possible to deposit money on the account of our company RAI Internacional.

Does the price include VAT?

Our company is a VAT payer. All prices on web page are stated without VAT.

is there a regulation for a road type i can drive the car at?

Each of our cars can be driven only on official roads. Driving at back roads is prohibited. 

What should I do if I need to prolong car rental?

It is needed to give us a call as soon as you know that you need a prolongation of your rental to verify if it is possible – at least 24 hours before returning the vehicle.

what happens if my plane, train or bus is late or delayed?

In case your bus, train or plane is late we charge a waiting fee. Waiting up to 1 hour is tolerated. In case you are using plane, you can request all charges you are not responsible for, from the airline company.

what is minimum age to be able to rent a car?

The driver needs to be at least 21 years old, and needs to have drivers licence at least for 1 year.  

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